Ministers Kitutu, Nandutu return to Karamoja, pledge agricultural revival

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In a bid to combat looming food shortages, Ministers Marry Goretti Kitutu and Agnes Nandutu have re-emerged in Karamoja, affirming their commitment to agricultural revitalization. Their long-awaited return marks a renewed effort to address pressing challenges facing the region

During their visit to NARO NABUIN and Namalu Prison Farms, the Ministers unveiled ambitious investments aimed at improving crop and animal production.

At Namalu Prison farm, the Karamoja Affairs Ministers accompanied journalists on a tour of the facility, where several tons of maize are currently stored, awaiting distribution to districts in Karamoja affected by food security.

The Ministers’ extended absence, stemming from past controversies surrounding iron sheet procurement, momentarily distanced them from Karamoja.

However, their reappearance signals a resurgence of hope in a region grappling with fragility

Notably, local leaders were conspicuously absent during the ministers’ visit.

Instead, the focus was directed toward collaborating closely with security agencies, as they toured implementations to address food insecurity.

Nevertheless, the ministers’ return to the region symbolizes a significant stride towards rejuvenating agriculture and instilling hope in a region yearning for stability and development

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