‘Education officials should not operate private schools’

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Members of Parliament from the Acholi sub-region are proposing a policy that would prevent any Ministry of Education official, regardless of their position, from actively participating in the management of an educational institution while still serving in the civil service.

The MPs observed that the education system has been adversely affected by public officials who, in their capacity as supervisors, have failed due to conflicts of interest.

Anthony Akol, the chairperson of the Acholi Parliamentary Group, pointed out that public schools have intentionally been undermined by individuals within the ministry who prioritize the promotion of their own institutions.

The proposal was presented to the Education Policy Review Commission which has been meeting parliamentary groups this week.

They emphasized that from education ministers to commissioners and even headteachers, many of them own schools, which might not inherently be an issue. However, the problem arises as they neglect their supervisory duties.

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