Royal chiefs disagree over conjugal rights ahead of Kyabazinga wedding

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As preparations intensify for the upcoming Busoga royal wedding between Kyabazinga William Nadiope IV and Jovia Mutesi, a rift among cultural leaders in Busoga Kingdom has emerged concerning a traditional practice that prohibits married couples from consummating their marriage on the wedding night.

Patrick Mudungu, the leader of traditional healers in the kingdom, has issued a stern warning to the people of Busoga, advising against any sexual activities on the night of the wedding scheduled for November 18.

Mudungu asserts that such actions are strongly condemned in the traditional context, and individuals who disregard this directive may be vulnerable to attacks by malevolent spirits.

He suggests that, on this significant day, married couples should opt to sleep on the floor and on separate beds to mitigate the risk of succumbing to temptations.

Contrarily, Abdallah Suta, the head of the Twins’ Fathers Cultural Association, also known as the Isabiryes, and the Butagaya sub-county LC3 Chairperson, dismisses the applicability of this tradition to their group and declares their non-compliance with it.

The highly anticipated royal wedding is scheduled to take place on Saturday at Bugembe Cathedral in Jinja City, marking a momentous occasion for the Busoga Kingdom.

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