Toro Kingdom Urges UBOS to Investigate Crop Gardens to Combat Malnutrition

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Toro Kingdom has called upon the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) to delve deeper into the inspection of people’s crop gardens in a bid to tackle malnutrition effectively.

This move aims to ensure a more comprehensive understanding of agricultural practices and enhance efforts to combat malnutrition in the region.

During an interaction between the kingdom officials and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics led by its director Dr. Chris Mukiza in Fort portal on Tuesday April 30, Steven Kiyingi, the kingdom’s prime minister emphasized the importance of proactive measures in addressing malnutrition, especially among vulnerable populations.

According to him, traditional methods of combating malnutrition need to be augmented with modern approaches, including leveraging data and technology.

According to the latest Uganda Demographic and Health Survey, 40.6 percent of children below five years in Toro sub region are stunted with 2.4% suffering from wasting.10.3% are born with a low birth weight of 2.5kg.

The same survey indicates that 45 percent of children below five years and 29.4% of women of reproductive age suffer from anemia.

Kiyingi says these statistics are of great concern

By urging UBOS to intensify its scrutiny of crop gardens, the kingdom hopes to gather comprehensive data on agricultural practices, crop yields, and the nutritional value of locally grown produce insisting that Malnutrition is a multifaceted issue that demands a holistic approach.

Dr. Chris Mukiza, the Executive Director of UBOS, expressed his organization’s commitment to working closely with the kingdom to address malnutrition effectively.

By conducting more thorough investigations into crop gardens, Dr.Mukiza says they can gather valuable insights that will inform evidence-based policies and programs aimed at improving food security and nutrition.

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