Uwezo Report Reveals Alarming Literacy Rates Among Primary Students in Fort Portal.

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A 2021 learning assessment report conducted by Uwezo has revealed concerning literacy levels among primary school students in Fort portal.

The report which focused on the illuminating the Covid-19 learning and gains in Uganda indicates that only 7% of pupils in Primary 3 have the proficiency to do the work expected of Primary 2 students.

Additionally, the report highlights that 10% of students in Primary 3 lack the basic reading and mathematics skills expected at the Primary 2 level.

During the launch of this report which was conducted in conjunction with Ride Africa at Toro Botanical gardens on Friday 25 April, the education experts and policymakers expressed concerns at the findings in the report.

Richard Alituha, the Fort Portal City Education officer reveals that the ability of students to perform below their grade level indicates systemic challenges within the education system that need urgent attention.

According to the Uwezo report, factors contributing to this educational gap include inadequate teacher training, insufficient resources, and other factors are the consequences brought about by COVID-19.

The report also points out disparities in access to quality education, particularly in rural areas where infrastructure and teaching standards may be lower compared to urban centers.

In response to these findings, education stakeholders are calling for targeted interventions to improve literacy rates and educational outcomes.

This includes investments in teacher training programs, curriculum reforms, and increased access to learning materials and technology.

Suzan Manimake, the Fort Portal Senior inspector of schools says there should be joint efforts among parents and teachers in addressing this issue.

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