Think About Men Too As You Fight For The Rights Of Women, Says Ethics and Integrity Minister

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The state minister of ethics and Integrity Akello Rose Lilly has said that men should also be taken into consideration as different actors in the country continue to fight for the rights of women.

The minister said this on Friday as she officiated as the chief guest at the belated women’s day celebrations in Fort Portal tourism city.

According to the minister, much as women have been portrayed to be the victims of domestic violence in the country, men too have greatly suffered under the hands of women.

According to the 2020 Police Annual Report, of the 18,872 people who were victims of domestic violence, 3,408 were male adults while 1,133 were male juveniles.

The report also stated that a total of 440 people were killed as a result of aggravated domestic violence, of whom 213 were male adults and 33 were male juveniles.

The ethics and Integrity minister said there should be a clear road map where both the girl child and a boy child are uplifted together.

According to a report by Global Press Journal, many men experiencing violence are ashamed to go to policer or seek help for fear of stigma.

The same report indicates that those who reported cases to police were laughed at by the officers before being asked to record statements.

Hellen Kamwine, the Fort Portal Resident City Commissioner revealed that some women have mishandled the emancipation they were given by government to mistreat men.

Linda Irene Mugisa, the Fort Portal woman member of parliament said the women’s day celebrations came at a time when women are facing a number of challenges that range from lack of market for their goods to limited funds to run their businesses.

Betty Mujungu, the Fort Portal deputy mayor said that the persistence of domestic violence despite efforts that are being put in place to tackle it casts a shadow on the aspirations of millions of women in the country.

According to the deputy mayor, addressing gender inequality calls for measures to address the root causes that involve efforts from all levels of governments, civil society and individuals.

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