Kabarole, Fort Portal Partially Lifts Ban on sell of Milk

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Kabarole District and Fort Portal Tourism City have partially lifted the Foot and Mouth disease quarantine since it was instituted to contain the outbreak.

Following safe trade guidelines by the commissioner for animal health, farmers have been advised to take their milk to the collection centres in Rwengaju, Kiburara, Mpinga and Kiko town council before it’s transported to Tooro Diary outlet in Fort Portal City.

Speaking in a press briefing at Tooro Diary boardroom in Fort portal tourism city on Wednesday, Dr. Stanley Businge the Fort portal city Veterinary Officer said they are also planning to set up collection centres in Kitumba, Kasusu and Karago.

He added that since the outbreak of the Foot and Mouth disease in the city, they have received 93 cases and these were all were managed with 2,122 heads of cattle in hot spot areas vaccinated.

Dr. Mulondo Henry the district veterinary officer for Kabarole district said, since the outbreak of the disease in the district they have received 30 cases and 29 of these were managed while one cow died.

In Kabarole 2,878 heads of cattle were vaccinated.

Kwikizira Henry the chairperson board Toro Diary called upon farmers to follow the guidelines put in place to ensure safe trade for their milk. 

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