Inter-religious council of Uganda want Toro babies home included in Rwenzori district council budgets.

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The Inter religious council of Uganda Toro Chapter has called for the inclusion of Toro Babies home to the annual budgets by district councils in the Rwenzori region.

Through their chairperson who also doubles as the bishop Ruwenzori diocese Rt. Rev Reuben Kisembo, the body says the babies home is currently struggling to operate due to limited resources.

According to Bishop, the districts for which it serves should start contributing by including funds in their council budgets so that the operations at the home can run smoothly.

Bishop Kisembo says that ever since Uganda passed the anti-homosexuality law, most of her donors have since halted their support.

The matron Ainebyona Monica said they are struggling to take care of the children amid the increasing cost of living.

Monica says that with the current quarantine on the movement of animals and selling of animal products like milk, they are struggling to provide supplementary feeding.

The IRC-U Tooro chapter on Sunday delivered food items, money and other things to more that

40 children are currently housed at the babies home.

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