Deputy Speaker Commends Church of Uganda for Educational Contributions

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The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, has commended the Church of Uganda for its profound contributions to the nation’s education sector.

He delivered this message while officiating at the groundbreaking ceremony of Saints Andrew and Philip Cathedral in Mukono district on Sunday, February 25.

Tayebwa recognised the church’s significant contribution to facilitating access to education, specifically mentioning Uganda Christian University in Mukono.

Highlighting the pivotal role played by the Church in advancing educational initiatives across various communities, Tayebwa hailed the institution’s commitment to fostering knowledge and enlightenment among Ugandan youth.

The Deputy Speaker emphasized the significant impact of the Church’s educational endeavors, noting its establishment of schools that have not only provided quality academic instruction but have also instilled values of morality, discipline, and social responsibility in students.

He lauded the Church’s holistic approach to education, which integrates spiritual development with academic excellence, thus nurturing well-rounded individuals poised to contribute meaningfully to society.

Tayebwa also urged the church leadership to encourage Christians to work diligently while seeking God.

The Deputy Speaker also expressed his appreciation for the role played by the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, The Most Rev Stephen Kazimba Mugalu, in unifying all religious leaders.

Mugalu rallied Christians to support the construction of a new church building for Saints Andrew and Philip Cathedral, highlighting the need for Shs6 billion to replace the current 39-year-old facility.

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