Workers of Mpanga Tea Factory Strike Over Delayed Payments and Mismanagement.

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Business at Mpanga Growers Tea Factory in Kabarole district was disrupted yesterday as workers staged a strike in protest against delayed payments and alleged mismanagement by factory authorities.

The strike, which saw hundreds of workers gathering outside the factory gates, was sparked by mounting frustration over persistent delays in receiving their wages and a lack of transparency in financial matters.

Workers voiced concerns about the management’s failure to provide timely payments, with some reporting delays of several months in receiving their salaries.

Speaking on behalf of the workers, Jane Muthoni demanded for transparency, accountability, and immediate resolution to the pressing issues.

according to her, their rights as workers have been blatantly disregarded for far too long.

Additionally, allegations of financial mismanagement and discrepancies in accounting practices have further fueled tensions within the workforce.

According to the factory’s annual report for 2021, the company made a loss of 2.1 billion shillings, which was attributed to low production at the factory.

However, it was later brought back to life after the Uganda Development Cooperation- UDC invested in the company by purchasing shares worth 4.4 billion shillings.

The money was to help in operationalizing the factory to increase production, and the profits used to clear the debts.

The standoff between the factory and its workers forced the Kabarole Resident District Commissioner Festus Bandeba to organize an emergency meeting at the factory so forge a way forward.

Bandeeba called for calm among the workers as his office anf the factory management finds a way forward.

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