NARO Collaborates with Fort Portal School Head Teachers to Boost Public Awareness.

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In a bid to strengthen its outreach and enhance public awareness, the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) has engaged school head teachers in Fort Portal in a collaborative effort to disseminate information about its services and initiatives.

The field visits carried out at NARO offices in Rwebitaba in Kabarole district brought together a diverse group of educational leaders from various schools in Fort Portal Tourism city.

NARO representatives provided an insightful presentation on the organization’s role in advancing agricultural research and its impact on local communities.

Dr. Kenneth Akankwasa, the coordinator of technology promotion and outreach at NARO, emphasized the importance of building strong partnerships with educational institutions create a bridge between scientific research and practical application in the agricultural sector.

The collaboration aims to encourage schools to integrate agricultural knowledge into their curricula and promote a greater understanding of sustainable farming practices among students.

During the interactive session, the head teachers had the opportunity to ask questions and share their insights on how NARO’s initiatives could be incorporated into the educational system effectively.

Discussions revolved around the development of educational materials, workshops, and field visits to NARO research facilities, allowing students to witness firsthand the groundbreaking work being done in the field of agriculture.

By involving educational institutions, NARO also seeks to create a multiplier effect, reaching not only students but also their families and communities.

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