KRC Uganda Empowers Youth as Champions of Change through Community Advocacy and Petition Development Training.

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In a bid to foster civic engagement and empower the youth to become advocates for positive change, KRC Uganda, has conducted a comprehensive training program on community advocacy and petition development.

The initiative, brought together young individuals from various sub counties in Kabarole district.

The training aimed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively engage with their communities, address pressing issues, and drive meaningful change through advocacy and petitioning.

The one-day program also seeks to equip the youth with knowledge on the fundamentals of community organizing, understanding local issues and crafting compelling narratives.

Participants were also delved into the difficulties of petition development, learning how to create impactful petitions that resonate with both local and national stakeholders.

By nurturing a cadre of informed and skilled advocates, the organization aims to amplify the voices of the youth on issues ranging from education and healthcare to environmental sustainability.

David Mugara, the head of Governance, Policy and Advocacy at KRC Uganda, emphasized the importance of engaging young people in the decision-making processes that impact their lives.

According to him, the initiative aligns with KRC Uganda’s broader mission to build a resilient and empowered citizenry capable of actively shaping the future of Uganda.

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