FDC Extends Olive Branch to Katonga Faction Amidst Internal Strife

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In the midst of internal divisions within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), the party’s leadership has extended an olive branch to the FDC Katonga faction, emphasizing the importance of unity in the face of upcoming political challenges.

In a press conference held on Wednesday in Fort Portal, the party Vice Chairperson for Western Uganda Robert Centenary said a chance for mediation between the two sides is still on the table.

The party leadership revealed it is keen on creating a platform for open and honest discussions to pave the way for a united front.

Jack Sabiiti, the FDC National Chairperson, argued the leaders to stop supporting political parties based on religious or culture but rather on ideology as a significant step towards the party’s goal of achieving democracy, good governance, and the socioeconomic development of Uganda.

He also emphasized the importance of solidarity and recruitment of the youth into the FDC party to face external challenges and strengthen the party’s position ahead of upcoming political events.

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