KRC Uganda Launches Initiative for Free Transport to Heart Screenings for Rwenzori Region Children.

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In a heartwarming development aimed at promoting children’s health, KRC Uganda has announced a groundbreaking initiative to provide free transportation for children from the Rwenzori region to the Uganda Heart Institute for crucial heart screenings.

The announcement was made during a meeting at the Uganda Heart Institute, where representatives from KRC Uganda, healthcare professionals, and government officials gathered to discuss strategies to enhance cardiovascular health awareness and accessibility in remote regions.

The meeting also sought to find ways of how the screening camp set to be organized at Uganda Heart Institute Mulago can be done successfully.

The initiative, spearheaded by KRC Uganda in partnership with Open Heart POBIC UGANDA, is set to alleviate the logistical challenges faced by families residing in the Rwenzori region when seeking specialized healthcare services in Kampala.

Mohammed Sharif, the KRC Uganda Executive Director, expressed the organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, of making a positive impact on the communities the organization serves.

The free transport service will cover the entire journey from the Rwenzori region to the Uganda Heart Institute and back, ensuring that families do not bear any financial burden associated with transportation costs.

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