7,000 Youth in Kabarole Empowered Through Parish Entrepreneurship Learning Association.

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In a groundbreaking development for the youth of Kabarole, 7,000 young individuals have found empowerment and a path to economic independence through the Parish Entrepreneurship Learning Association (PELA).

This initiative, aimed at fostering entrepreneurial skills and providing practical knowledge, is being spear headed by Gudie Leisure Farm.

Matte Joseph, the Gudie district agent says the Parish Entrepreneurship Learning Association, a community-driven organization dedicated to nurturing local talent and fostering sustainable development, has successfully impacted the lives of thousands of young people in Kabarole.

The program, which commenced 2 years ago, addressed a wide range of sectors including producers, health promoters, marketers, vendors, transporters and feeders.

Participants were exposed to practical training, business planning, financial literacy, and marketing strategies to enable them to establish and grow their own enterprises.

For example, when Kamukama Christine, a journalist by training failed to secure a job, she decided to take up the initiative by the organization, she undertook liquid and bar soap training.

Christine says the training has enabled her to set up her own shop from the proceeds she has received from selling soap.

The youth were also supported with startup capital after the training so that they can improve on their incomes.

Kobusinge Ruth, who was supported with 1000 chicken says the project has helped her achieve much.

Mutegeki Yosin, the Kabarole District Parish Entrepreneurship Learning Association Chairperson says the initiative has helped in tackling the challenges which the youth are facing in the district.

However, the initiative has come with its own challenges, Matte, says that some youth who were trained under the program became reluctant to implement what they had been trained in.

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