UNRA Dissolved in Merger of 33 Gov’t Agencies

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At least 33 government departments and agencies, including Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), have lost an intense battle in the corridors of power to block plans to merge the institution with the Works Ministry. 

According to the rationalisation of government agencies (Repeals and Amendments) Bill gazetted on October 6, 2023, the Uganda National Roads Authority Act, 2006 (Act 15 of 2006) will be amended to “mainstream the functions of UNRA established under the Act into the Ministry responsible for roads.”

On the commencement of the new Act, the Uganda National Roads Authority established by Act 15 of 2006 shall be dissolved.

The Works Ministry will be responsible for performing the functions formerly performed by UNRA such as management, maintaining and developing of the national roads network.

Government proposal to disband and merge departments and agencies is aimed at slashing annual public administration costs which as of 2021 amounted to Shs 1.3 trillion.

According to Public Service Minister Muruuli Mukasa, the proliferation of agencies had created mandate overlaps and jurisdictional ambiguities among the agencies. 

According to the Bill seen by ChimpReports, a local media outlet, the board members and staff of the Uganda National Roads Authority shall be paid their terminal benefits in accordance with the terms and conditions of their service.

Compensation is not payable to any member of the board of the Uganda National Roads Authority for loss of office resulting from the dissolution of the Uganda National Roads Authority.

However, the staff of the Uganda National Roads Authority may be redeployed to serve in the public service subject to availability of positions.

The consequential amendment of certain Acts of Parliament provide that where any law enacted by Parliament provides that an agency or commission has the power to recruit staff, determine and establish staff structures or determine and set terms and conditions of service, the agency or commission shall exercise such power subject to the approval of the Ministry responsible for the public service.

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